A letter to residents regarding the Dinnington Police Station re-opening petition

Please find attached an open letter to residents from Superintendent Rob Odell, in response to the online petition calling for the re-opening of Dinnington Police Station.

March 2017

Dear Resident

Engagement is essential to effective policing and South Yorkshire Police welcomes your feedback. The online petition calling for the return of a police station at Dinnington is no exception.

Understandably some members of the public are concerned that there is no longer a building in Dinnington solely dedicated to policing purposes but they should be reassured that Officers continue to patrol their community and provide response to emergency need as it arises.

In recent years, we have had to consolidate our buildings and resources in order to achieve financial efficiency in response to budgetary limitations and these constraints remain in place today.

Our officers stopped using the old building over a year ago but Dinnington continues to be served by a knowledgeable local policing team, which has spent many years forging links with the local community.

Mobile computer and communication technology enables our Officers to perform a greater number of their duties without the need for a traditional bricks and mortar base.

Increasingly our officers are out in the community where they are more visible and helping to reduce the fear of crime, but in acknowledgement to some people’s preference for face-to-face interaction, we will continue to provide a police presence at the Dinnington Resource Centre during weekday office hours.

The force is currently reviewing its neighbourhood-policing model across South Yorkshire and local residents will be given the opportunity to provide further comment as part of this process.

In addition to the local policing team, which includes a dedicated Inspector, Sergeant, Officers and Community Support Officers, a variety of Force resources are continuing to provide support, including the joint specialist operations unit and response cars, to ensure that the most appropriate resource is always deployed to an incident.

Protecting and serving the public of South Yorkshire is and always will be our main priority.

Yours sincerely

Chief Superintendent Rob Odell

Rotherham LPU Commander


Issue 117