Dog Mess

It is regrettable that we have to communicate such distasteful issues here, but there have been a number of complaints and we must face the facts. The principle facts are that there are people amongst us who have no shame whatsoever in leaving the mess their dogs make on the ground for anyone to walk in.

To every responsible dog owner, a huge thank you!

To you, the shameless irresponsible, it probably makes no difference to say another word. You cannot be shamed. You can however be prosecuted, and we will do whatever it takes to find out who you are and take the necessary action to punish you.

If you see any of this irresponsible behaviour, you can report it to RMBC their main telephone number is 01709 382121, ask for Street Pride, they also have an online reporting form you can access via their website

As a responsible dog owner has suggested to us please let us know of your concerns. For example, are there enough dog bins? are they in the right places? Any feedback is welcome. We do have to say that this area is not under our control, consequently, changes may take some time to happen. We have to request everything through RMBC.


Parish Plan

In 2011 we published a Parish Plan, this was the culmination of a period of extensive consultation to discover what residents thought needed to be done in Todwick.

It was this consultation which led to the renovation of the pavilion, the creation of the war memorial and the building of the multi use games area. It is now time to look and plan ahead.

In order to develop a new long term vision for Todwick it is necessary to gather together a team of people to prepare a new plan. A project like this requires a variety of skills from marketing, advertising, IT, publishing and consulting. We seek people from all age groups, genders and ethnicity to truly reflect the diversity of the community.

If you would like to offer your help, please PM us and we’ll pass your details to David Gregory for an initial discussion.

We start with a blank slate which gives you the opportunity to have a say in how your village develops. At its conclusion the Parish Plan will address community needs and aspirations.



As we move forward into Spring it is a time of new beginnings. Plants and trees gain new growth and leaves. Maybe this year could also present new opportunities. Ask yourself “Do I like living in Todwick?”

If your answer is yes, then would you like to contribute to making our village a better place to live? This month we’re promoting a number of ways that you can make a difference. In addition, there are a range of activities, clubs and societies based in the Village Hall as well as the Church Hall.

It is a well known premise that what you get out of life is directly proportionate to what you put in. Please look to help where you can, and don’t leave everything to someone else.


Parking Enforcement

Enforcement officers patrolling Todwick for parking offences.

Minutes and Agendas

March 2019




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