Churchyard September 2020

The working group are scheduled to meet at 10am on Saturday September 5th, at the time of writing we do not know if we will be able to provide refreshments, which pre lockdown were one of the mornings highlights.

The August get together was one of the best attended for quite some time.

We are extremely fortunate to have such a beautiful spot in our village, it’s a lovely area to work in. Over the period of lockdown there have been two significant enhancements created by the group.

The first is a wildflower garden, work began in this space late last Summer, the final piece will, hopefully be a bench, the space is ready and once sited it will provide the space to relax and enjoy the environment.  It will take some time for the plants to establish themselves, there is a combination of species which have been gathered or grown from seed. It is hoped that in Spring we will see the first true evidence of the work.  Every plant is a native, some may well be regarded as weeds to many gardening experts, however their presence in this area is by design, to provide as much diversity as possible.

The second has been the creation of a rockery, which several villagers provided us with the rocks, whilst another generously donated a tonne of topsoil.

The August get together was one of the best attended for quite some time. This enabled us to achieve a significant improvement of the border bed, shrubs were pruned, weeds cleared and the entire area “mulched”. 

As with any garden there is always plenty to do, for example we plan to work on the length of area between the wildflower area and the rockery.  Two areas have already been dug over thoroughly and seeded, creating a grassed area to fit in with the churchyard grassed area, there are still sections that need bringing up to the same standard.  Also, the border along this area requires working on to enhance it.  And of course, the flower beds need weeding, and graves that have no one to look after them need attention.

Minutes and Agendas

September 2020




The Eat Out to Help Out Scheme

The Eat Out to Help Out Scheme has launched today with participating businesses offering a 50% reduction on bills for food and non-alcoholic drinks (up to a maximum of £10 per person), to all diners who eat-in on Mondays to Wednesdays throughout August.

Check out page for more details about which businesses in Rotherham Town Center are involved.