Recreation ground closure

Following the receipt of updated information from HM Government and RMBC setting out legislation and guidance requirements, it is with regret that the Parish Council finds it necessary in order to comply with the legal requirements of the new legislation, to close the Recreation Ground. This will take effect from 5pm this evening Tuesday 12th January 2021.

The Children’s Playground at the church will remain open and the equipment will continue to be cleaned and disinfected each evening. Todwick Parish Council apologises for any inconvenience caused but sadly feels it has no alternative.

Please continue to observe legislative and guidance requirements and keep you, your families and others safe.

Thank you for your support.

Jim Dixon
Todwick Parish Council


Putting the Record Straight

Licensing Application – Todwick Interiors Premises, The Pastures

Following the comments which have been made on Facebook regarding Todwick Parish Council making objections to the issue of a Licence to establish a Wine Bar at the above premises. The comments appear to eminate from a short article printed in The Star on 2nd December 2020. Having read the article the true circumstances of the application as reported are completely inaccurate and I thought that as the Chairman of Todwick Parish Council it is incumbent on me to set the record straight.

First of all, let me state that not one of the Parish Council members were against establishing a Wine Bar in the village. To the contrary, we all considered it to be a good idea and that such a business could be beneficial to the village giving residents somewhere to socialise and meet up in a convivial atmosphere.

The members did however feel it was their responsibility to point out problems that may arise as a result of the application. The first was noise late in the evening if the premises were to be open until 11pm and persons leaving for some time afterwards. This was amended by the applicants to our satisfaction.

Parking was the second issue. Off road parking is non existent in the vicinity of the premises. Customers vehicles would be parked on the road and outside residents houses. Many of the residents are elderly and there was the possibility of their being disturbed late in the evening by customers leaving the premises in their vehicles.

Yes it might not have been a problem if people walked to the premises but we all know of the love affair that many have with their cars. There are already problems with badly parked vehicles in that area and if the premises became popular it would no doubt attract custom from nearby villages etc.

Our role was to point the issues out so that the applicants had the opportunity to consider and address them which they did in respect of the opening hours.

Contrary to what is stated in the press report, the liquor licence was granted.

That was only the first stage of the process. The applicants had to make application for planning consent as to change of use of the premises. The Parish Council made no representations at that hearing. It was at this stage that the planning application was refused and not the licensing application. There were a number of issues which the planners referred to in refusing the application. They also added a caveat that they would not consider any amendments to the application. The only course left open to the applicants was to appeal to The Secretary of State. 

To date they have not done that and we understand that the premises have been advertised for rent.

It was not the Parish Council who prevented the application being approved and the establishment of this business in the village.

Jim Dixon


Todwick Parish Council.

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January 2021